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2015 (4)
Apr 20 2015 5:26PM
Human trafficking Mexico - Lydia Cacho interview

I interviewed Lydia Cacho last week for the Sunday Mail newspaper in Scotland. Below is a link to my article, published yesterday. Cacho - a prominent investigative reporter and human rights campaigner from Mexico - was in the UK as...

Mar 24 2015 10:52AM
Pakistan - Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

I recently visited Pakistan to document the work of human rights activists who oppose the Taliban. In the city of Peshawar, I met with a journalist called Abdullah Malik who was threatened for highlighting issues such as the...

Mar 6 2015 12:00AM
Digital human rights in Pakistan

I recently visited Pakistan and interviewed an organisation based in Islamabad that focuses on information and communications technology to promote human rights. My report was published yesterday by The National. Please click on the...

Feb 18 2015 12:00AM
Pakistan - Aware Girls promote human rights

I recently visited Pakistan where I worked with a human rights organisation called Aware Girls, founded more than a decade ago by two sisters called Gulalai and Saba Ismail. Aware Girls is based in Peshawar, a sprawling city in the...