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2011 (10)
Dec 7 2011 5:22PM
Pandas help raise China human rights debate

The arrival of Chinese pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang at Edinburgh Zoo has generated a lot of media, including cutesy pictures galore and a multitude of puns of the ‘eats, shoots and leaves’ variety. At Amnesty Scotland we like pandas...

Aug 8 2011 3:30PM
Love and marriage, love and marriage.....

I arrived home the other night (from some theatre reviewing for the Freedom of Expression Award) to find much fuss on Facebook around a Parliamentary motion tabled by John Mason MSP. Mr Mason’s motion notes “the current discussion”...

Jun 28 2011 3:13PM
Police Accountability in Scotland

I see that Margaret Mitchell MSP is leading the Member’s Debate in the Parliament tomorrow on moves to merge the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland with the Public Services Ombudsman This feeds into a wider consideration of...

Jun 23 2011 12:48PM
Refugee Week

This was the speech by John Wilkes of the Scottish Refugee Council at the launch of Refugee Week 2011. We liked it so much we asked for permission to reproduce it here…… On behalf of everyone at Scottish Refugee Council I am delighted...

Jun 21 2011 3:46PM
A whole new ball game

There is much ado about the new Bill on sectarianism launched by the Scottish Government, with a mere ten days to consider, debate and finalise so that the eventual Act can be in place for the start of the new footy season. It takes me...

Apr 6 2011 11:25AM
Tasers so who polices the police?

This Taser campaign hasn’t been at all what I expected it to be. To recap, Tasers are fundamentally dangerous weapons, long known to Amnesty researchers as the tool of choice for torturers because of their ability to inflict intense...

Mar 31 2011 1:45PM
Let's play discrimination bingo!

Working for Amnesty International there are always some easy hits. There are few people who will argue that the Chinese Government isn’t executing enough people for tax offences. And I’ve yet to hear anyone defend the armed groups in...

Feb 13 2011 3:42PM
Big fat Gypsy Traveller myths

Seems like everyone and their extended family has had something to say about Channel 4's vulgar over-the-top creation Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. I have adopted the same avoidance strategy that has served me so well for "Wife Swap", "The...

Feb 10 2011 12:52PM
Which Way Home?

Amnesty is building a nice relationship with the Glasgow Youth Film Festival . This innovative and growing project features workshop sessions from tv production and script writing through to breakdancing. My own session was a little...

Feb 4 2011 1:07PM
Scottish office - review of 2010

New Year Resolutions… Since it would be fair to say that we haven’t been the best bloggers over the last year or so, and with new year resolutions to ‘do much better’ burning brightly in our hearts, we thought we’d start 2011 by...