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2007 (4)
Dec 20 2007 4:30PM
Yuletide blog

So what prospects does 2008 offer for a humble Scottish human rights campaigner? On the one hand I expect well see more of the same in the sense of human rights being dragged through the media as part criminals charter, part distant...

Dec 12 2007 4:36PM
Lock em up and throw away the remote.

Dr Andrew McLellan, our <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" _blank"="">Chief Inspector of Prisons, is by all accounts a decent...

Nov 19 2007 4:35PM
Come fly with me

One of the most contentious issues in the war on terror has been the extra-legal (is this different to being illegal?) detention of those suspected of involvement in terrorism . You remember all those American cop shows where they read...

Nov 16 2007 11:15AM
Lets talk about human rights

So what have human rights got to do with Scotland? With everything being just hunky dory in Alba, surely our main interest in human rights is to put pressure on all those bad guys overseas who really should be more like us? Well...