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Lets talk about human rights

So what have human rights got to do with Scotland? With everything being just hunky dory in Alba, surely our main interest in human rights is to put pressure on all those bad guys overseas who really should be more like us?


Well, granted we dont experience the severe human rights abuses that it is Amnestys sad duty to document around the world (torture found in over 100 countries last year sheesh). Given that too many poor souls like Shi Tao have been locked up for writing about rights online, as I am doing right now, this is something I am particularly appreciative of. Nevertheless there is need of a human rights discussion in Scotland, a discussion that has been sadly lacking to date.


First of all we didnt always have the easy time of it that we have now. We do have relatively strong protection of our rights, but only because a whole bunch of dedicated campaigners down the years have fought for them. We dishonour those people when we become complacent but will highlight them here now and again, lest we forget.


Secondly, its not all roses in the Scottish garden. Over the coming weeks and months this blog will highlight how marginal groups in Scottish society (women, children, older people) are experiencing human rights problems in our modern, wealthy society. Its not just prisoners and asylum seekers you know.


Thirdly, our unique Scottish culture and political system throws up a range of particularly Scottish campaign opportunities that we will go on and on about until you give in and take action. Anyone can be a hero for human rights. Even you.


We aim to post this blog once a fortnight at Friday lunchtime. Sometimes well report back on Amnesty events that have taken place during the week. Often well give an Amnesty view on a topical news story. Occasionally well introduce the Scottish angle to an Amnesty campaign. Now and again well try to unpick a human rights issue thats developing in Scotland. Always you will have the opportunity to respond and continue the discussion.


So if youre interested in talking human rights with a distinctly Scottish accent, please do bookmark this page - and let the blethering begin.


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