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April 2013 (6)
Apr 25 2013 10:24AM
The Human Library reminds us not to judge a book by its cover

I’ve always been bookish, but last Saturday, I became one: I was a human book at Aye Write!, The Mitchell Library’s amazing book festival. I joined the Human Library for the day. It works like this: readers go up to the lending desk...

Apr 19 2013 4:00PM
Speaking out – learning the language of Human Rights

I was at a meeting this week with the SHRC to discuss SNAP. The next day I was at the CPG on HR discussing Climate Justice and yesterday I talked about SGT with SG at VQ. Yes, I've arrived, I now speak human rights! What that means is...

Apr 18 2013 8:16PM
Bike for Rights – Ganesh’s big adventure

Ganesh Pandey is something of a cycling superhero. In his native Nepal, he and his family faced terrible poverty wrapping chocolates for a mere 20-30 rupees (20-30 pence) a day. Recalling such adversity, Ganesh pays tribute to his...

Apr 16 2013 10:54AM
Human Rights – right in your backyard

It seems that this month I can't open a newspaper, watch TV or overhear a conversation on my commute without there being a reference to Human Rights. I did wonder if this is just a heightened sensitivity as I approach the conclusion of...

Apr 8 2013 2:47PM
Mythbusters – Gypsy Traveller Edition

Today is International Roma Day. Last week’s briefing from Amnesty Human Rights Here, Roma Rights Now highlighted horrendous human rights violations ranging from discrimination and hate crimes, to segregation and forced evictions. The...

Apr 2 2013 12:37PM
Tales of the City: Asylum Seekers Speak

An exhibition at the Tramway, Glasgow this week brings into sharp focus the realities of refugees and asylum seekers living in the city. In Human Rights + Wrongs, photographer Angela Catlin and journalist Billy Briggs worked with local...