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January 2010 (7)
Jan 28 2010 9:13AM
Execution of two prisoners of conscious on the anniversary of the revolution

The Iranian regime, in a conscious but desparate effort to prevent mass demonstrations on the anniversary of the 1979 revolution has issued death sentences to 11 people on charges of conspiracy against the Islamic Republic and hanged...

Jan 27 2010 12:48PM
Massoud Bastani, journalist in dentention in danger!

We put the Persian version of this piece of news on this blog to emphasise its importance. It is about one particular journalist, Massoud Bastani whose only crime was reporting. He was detained in July 2009. He went to the...

Jan 21 2010 10:23AM
Another Kurdish woman is sentenced to death

According to International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran: Kurdish dissidents are increasingly in danger of execution due to unfair trials. In recent months at least 19 Kurdish prisoners were sentenced to death. The judiciary system...

Jan 19 2010 11:02AM
Free Abbas Khalil Dermaneh (Khalil Dermanaki)

This letter and request was published on an email group appealing to the international community of human rights organisations and defenders to follow the events in Iran and the appauling human rights abuses which is committed every...

Jan 10 2010 12:08PM
The Tsunami of arrests, a non-stop wave

A group of Iranian women who call themselves the Mourning Mothers and who comprise of mothers who have lost their children in the post-presidential unrests, gather every Saturday at Park Laleh in central Tehran to commomerate their...

Jan 4 2010 4:38PM
The tsunami of arrests in Iran continues to rise

The Islamic regime at the end of its miserable 30 years has unleashed its reign of terror and intimidation in order to rule for yet a few more months or maybe longer. The wave of arrests and kidnapping civil rights activists has not...

Jan 1 2010 9:26PM
How Much? How long?

Those of us who were in Iran and participated in the revolution of 1979 remember the days that the Shah's regime, unable to control the people resorted to violence in order to silence them. It didn't work. The Shah was finally toppled...