The tsunami of arrests in Iran continues to rise

The Islamic regime at the end of its miserable 30 years has unleashed its reign of terror and intimidation in order to rule for yet a few more months or maybe longer. The wave of arrests and kidnapping civil rights activists has not stopped since the last bloody Sunday in which at least 15 demonstrators were either shot dead at close range, ran over by car or thrown down the bridge and an unspecied number were injured in clashes between peaceful marchers and the security agents from various departments. Since last Sunday many, including the following activists have been taken away from their homes by hudded, unauthorised groups in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning:

1- Mansureh Shojai (Ms), writer, researcher and women's rights activist.

2- Zohreh Tonekaboni, 62 year old from Mothers for Peace Group.

3- Badr al-Sadat Mofid, Secretary to the Independent Journalists Association along with her husband, Massud Aghaie.

4-  Mahin Fahimi, 58, women's rights activist along with  her son.

5- Leila Tavasoli, 27, daughter of the founding member of Freedom Movement Party who was taken away by 5 masked men. Her father insisted that he will accompany her daughter but outside the house, they put them in separate cars and while the vehicle that had Leila sped away, her father was left behind.

6- Sara Tavasoli, Leila's sister.

7- Noushin Ebadi, professor at University's Medical School and sister of Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace Laureate. In a statement issued by Shirin Ebadi, she stated that unfortunately or fortunately her sister was not interested nor involved in politics. She has been detained to put pressure on her who is outside Iran.

8- Nasrin Vaziri, Journalist.

9- Nilufar Hashemi Azar an MSC student at the School of Architecture along with her mother, Shahrzad Nasiri. Ms Nasiri was later released.

10- Atieh Yusofi, one million signature activist in the city of Rasht along with Maziar Shokuri, from the Freedom Movement in Rasht.

11- Bahareh Hedayat (Ms), executive member of Alliance Party.

12- Nafiseh Asghari (Ms), MSC student at the School of Chemistry, Sharif University.

13- Maryam Zia, women's right activist. She was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in a previous court for her activities.

14-  Mahsa Hekmat.

15- Parisa Kakaie and Mehrdad Rahimi from Human Rights Reporters. Four other members of this group were detained previously.

16- Forough Mirzaie (Ms), lawyer and Ruzbeh Karimi.

17- Amir Khoram member of Freedom Movement.

18- Mohsen Mohagheghi.   

We urge the peace-loving people of the world to raise their voices to the brutalities of the Islamic regime of Iran which knows no boundaries and no respect for human right, human life and human dignity. We urge you to put pressure on your governments to islolate the Islamic regime politically and cut their relations or scale down their presence in Iran, to freeze the assets of its leaders in their respective countries , to ban them from travelling freely, in order to force the regime to abandon its systematic suppression of the Iranian people who wish nothing but freedom, democracy and a secular state.

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