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Another Kurdish woman is sentenced to death

According to International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran:

Kurdish dissidents are increasingly in danger of execution due to unfair trials. In recent months at least 19 Kurdish prisoners were sentenced to death. The judiciary system is speeding up to issue the death sentences which derives from political situation in Iran. The last sentence was issued against Shirin Alam-Holi, a 28 year Kurdish woman who is accused of co-operating with Kurdish armed groups. According to her defence lawyer, Mr Fereidun Shami, no vital evidence has been produced against these allegations to this date.

Shirin was arrested in June 2008 and taken to the secret detention centre of the revolutionary guards for interrogation. When after three weeks she was taken to Evin prison, her condition was so bad that the authorities refused to take her. She spent a week in hospital to be treated for tortures inflicted on her. Shirin was later housed at the notorous Ward 209 of the Evin prison and after 5 months transferred to general wards.

Shirin has recently been tried and sentenced to death. Her defence lawyer reiterates that no credible evidence has been produced to back the allegations against her client.

The situation of human rights in Kurdistan is worse than other parts of the country. In recent months two young men, Ehsan Fatahian and Fasih Yasamani were executed against national and international objections. At the moment 19 Kurdish prisoners are in imminent danger pf execution. We urge the international community of human rights defenders to raise their voices against the growing number of executions in Iran which stems from recent unrests which stems from deep dissatisfation of the Iranian people who are living under an autocratic regime which has no respect for human rights. 

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