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Execution of two prisoners of conscious on the anniversary of the revolution

The Iranian regime, in a conscious but desparate effort to prevent mass demonstrations on the anniversary of the 1979 revolution has issued death sentences to 11 people on charges of conspiracy against the Islamic Republic and hanged two of them; Arash Rahmani and Mohammed Reza Ali Zamani on Thursday morning. We urge the international community of human rights defenders and all peace-loving people of the world to call on the Iranian government to stop killing, detaining, torturing and sentencing people to long prison terms simply because they have written and published or spoken against the regime. Civil rights activists; writers, journalists, lawyers, women's rights as well as human rights activists, students, workers and the bulk of the Iranian inteligencia are all under threat for speaking out against the coup in their country. The regime aims to silence those who have joined the Greem Movement beofre the anniversary. We say: let's the people decide which way they want to go: into the abyss of darkness of the past or into the future with all possibilities and hopes.

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