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July 2009 (13)
Jul 30 2009 10:48PM
People of Iran remeber Neda on the forthieth day of her death

Today, Thrusday 30 July was the 40th day of Neda Agha Soltan murder by the armed Militia in Tehran. People in Tehran and many other cities went on the streets to commomerate the loss of a young woman who was shot dead in front of...

Jul 23 2009 2:37AM
Arab Human Rights Organisations Suport the Iranian People

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Arab Human Rights Organisations solidarity with the Iranian People We, the undersigned human rights organizations and advocates from the Arab region, express our utter condemnation of all forms of brutal...

Jul 22 2009 11:48AM
The coup leader is inaugurated!

On Satuarday 25 July, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is inaugurated as president of Iran. The announcement of his presidency sparked demonstrations and objectioins in Iran and worldwide as the majority of Iranians believe, was engineered by an...

Jul 22 2009 11:32AM
Day of action for Iran in more than 60 cities worldwide

MEDIA RELAESE – COMMUNIQUE UNITED4IRAN GREENSCROLL Time: 17:00 – 19:00Date : Saturday 25th July 2009Location: Place du Trocadéro Time: 19:00 – 21:00Date : Saturday 25th July 2009Location: Champ de Mars: “Mur de la Paix” Two vital...

Jul 16 2009 4:46AM
Mourning mothers gather in parks

The Second Announcement of Mourning Mothers: The mourning continues Wednesday 1 July 2009 Change for equality: The silent mourning of mothers on Saturday June 27th 2009 in Laleh Park in Tehran was violently suppressed by security...

Jul 16 2009 4:32AM
Shirin Ebadi Accepts Alexander Langer Award on Behalf of Nargess Mohammadi

Shirin Ebadi Accepts Alexander Langer Award on Behalf of Nargess Mohammadi Nargess Mohammadi: We Now Have to Speak of Hope and Love Sunday 5 July 2009 Change for Equality: On 2 July, 2009, at a ceremony held in the City of Bolzano...

Jul 14 2009 3:47AM
Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president

On 25 July, there is a worldwide action against the extensive abuse of human rights in Iran. On July 26, a banner which has been signed by thousands of Iranians and non-Iranians in about 200 cities world-wide, stating: AHAMDINEJAD IS...

Jul 14 2009 3:27AM
Killings of detainess continues in Iran

In the post-election Iran, thousands have been deatained in cities across Iran either in peaceful demonstrations or taken from home or workplace. Families of the detainees gatrher every day in front of known prisons to get news of...

Jul 11 2009 3:07AM
Assault of demonstrators in Esfahan

Esfahan, armed militias assault on demonstrators on 8 July

Jul 11 2009 3:04AM
Militias assault on people in Esfahan on 8 July

وحشيگري هاي لباس شخصي ها در اصفهان iran esfahan july فيلمي از ضرب وشتم شديد يك جوان توسط لباس شخصي هاي رژيم ديكتاتور نسخه اصلي

Jul 11 2009 1:50AM
What is going on in Iran/ a report

Source: Boroumand Foundation -Statement by the "Office for Consolidating Unity", an umbrella organization of university Islamic associations, June 16, 2009. Following the June 12, 2009, presidential elections in the Islamic Republic of...

Jul 11 2009 1:10AM
8July protests in Tehran

Viedeos from 8 July protests in Tehran in which scores of people were beaten up and injured, many were unconsious due to inhaling teargas which was thrown indiscriminately. The number of people detained is unknown.

Jul 10 2009 1:15PM
Under the skin of night a coup was carried out in Iran There was presidential elections. There were candidates and there were the people who were preparing themselves to vote for their selected candidate. Out of over 400 candidates 4...