Killings of detainess continues in Iran

In the post-election Iran, thousands have been deatained in cities across Iran either in peaceful demonstrations or taken from home or workplace. Families of the detainees gatrher every day in front of known prisons to get news of their loved ones. Last week in Esfahan, 300 hundred families gathered in front of the main detentioin centre. suddenly they heard voices of young men asking for water. Distraut, the families began to break the detention gate but were assaulted by the guards and ordered to disperse.

In Tehran, the mother of a young aspiring 19 year old, Sohrab Arabi searched the detention centres, Evin prison and even hospitals for his son for three long weeks. At Evin, they demanded guarantees in the form of Deeds to get her son out. Three days ago, she was summoned oly to be told that Sohrab has died of his injuries weeks before!  The extent of psychological pressure on Sohrab's family is unimaginable. At his funeral, Mothers for Peace which Sohrab's mother was a member were present as well as tens of mourner but no one was allowed to raise their voice and even cry loud. The plain clothes militai were present even among women.

In Tehran, a young man, Yacoob Bervayeh was shot and taken to hospital. He died on July 14. His mother was at his bedside. He once opened his eyes, took his mother's hands and said: ' I died for freedom'. He then passed away.


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