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Under the skin of night a coup was carried out in Iran

There was presidential elections. There were candidates and there were the people who were preparing themselves to vote for their selected candidate. Out of over 400 candidates 4 were selected by the respective bodies, to stand for elections. For the tenth time after the Iranian revolution, a few women registered but were not selected to stand for presidency for being women! People, over 40 million of them were getting ready to vote. Rallys were held, gatherings, speeches and election promises all in the hope of a peaceful transition from one stage to another. Women formed a broad coalition and demanded to be recognised by the candidates and to be heard. Students, workers, teachers. Every one was getting involved in the election process. Hundreds of articles were published in the media, websites dominated the scene; people inside and outside the country found a common ground to connect with each other. One thing connected and united the majority of the peope: to oust Mr Ahmadinejad who brought shame and disgrace to Iran, who isolated iran from the rest of the world, whose idiocy at runnig the country, took it to the depth of corruptionand bakrupcy. People's unity brought hope. Hope was blossoming from among the rubbles of 30 years of a theocratic regime that had ruled Iran and the last 4 years which was the end of the rope. Three generation of Iranians have waited patiently to pave way for a democratic process not even from outside the theocratic system but from whithin.

As the world watched in earnest, the voting day neared and people waited paitiently to cast their vote, unaware that under the skin of night a scenario was taken shape. A deadly plot began a few hours before the poles closed. The streets of the capital and big cities filled with armed men. As people went home hopeful to the outcome of the elections, a coup which had been engineered to the very last detail took place by the President and his allies. An election coup!

Now we are in the fifth week of post-electionIran. Mass protests  lasted for two weeks with the participation of millions who chanted 'Where is My Vote?' Then came the brutal crackdown of demonstrators who have been rubbed of their choice. Since then thousands have been detained, kidnapped and taken to unknown places. Tens of people have been murdered by the security services, armed militia and civil militia gangs. A young girl who became the symbol of the struggles was shot dead in front of the world media. Universities were raided and students beaten up and killed. Teargas and pepper gas and other offensive devices have been used routingly to silence the Iranian people. The theocratic regime has gone far out of the way and is blatentaly fighting for survival. It cannot tolerate the simplest form of decent. It has detained the most loyal and even senior politicians of its own apparatus.

It is time for the world to know what really goes on under the skin of night in a country which has 94 per cent litteracy rate and its women have occupied 64 percent of university places. A country whose population is 45 percent under 30 years of age!   This is a country whose authorities kill in daylight and deliver the bodies to their families on the condition that they do not mourn for them in public, do not attract publicity, do not talk of the cause of death and do not write the cause of death on the tombstone of their loved ones!

Now e know that:

1-Mohammeh Hossein Barzegar, 25 with a high school diploma was shot in the head on the 17 June, on Haft Tir St and burried on 302 plot in Behesht Zahra cemetry.

2-Reza Tabatabaie, 30, BA in accountancy was shot in the head on Azarbayjan St. His body was delivered to his family after they signed not to publicise his death. He is burried in plot 259.

3-Iman Hashemi, 27, killed by a bullet in the eye on June 20 and burried in plot 259.

4- Parisa Koli (female) 25, BA in Literature, killed by a single bullet in her neck on Keshavrz Bullevard,  burried in plot 259.

5-Mohsen Hadadi, 24, computer programmer shot by a single bullet to his forehead on June 22 burried in plot 262.

5- Mohammed NIkzadi, 22, graduate of Development Studies, shot on June 30 by a single bullet in the chest, burried in plot 257.

6- Ali Shahedi, 24, killed while in police custody, burried in plot 257.

7- Vahed Akbari, 34, businessman, married with a 3 year old child, shot in the side by a single bullet on June 30 and burried in plot 261.

8-Abolfazl Abdolahi, 21, post-diploma in electronics, killed by a single shot in the back in front of Sharif University on June 22, burried in plot 248.

9-Salar Tahmasbi, 27, MA student at the University of Rasht in business management, killed on Jomhouri St by a single shot to the forehead, burried in plot 254.

10-Fahimeh Salahshour (female), 25, high school diploma, head injuries caused by being beaten by police on July 5, died in hospital on the 7th, burried in plot 266.

To this list, we would like to add the following names: Vahid Tabatabai, Neda Agha Soltani (female), Fatemeh Barati (female) and her daughter, Kasra Sharghi, Mobita Ehterami(female), Kambiz Shojaie, Mohsen Imani, Nasser Amir Nejad, Iman Namazi, Mostaf Ghaniat, Ashkan Sohrabi, kaveh Alipor.Kianush Asa and Nasser Kheirolahi.

This list is by no means complete. It is a fraction of a whole. We aim to publish the complete list of those who were killed during the post-election unrests. We aim to complet the list of those who have disappeared without trace. We aim to find out how many were killed as murderers and trafficers. We will follow the events as they unfold and unfold the plots which has been carried out and is being carried out by the unlawful rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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