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Mourning mothers gather in parks

The Second Announcement of Mourning Mothers: The mourning continues

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Change for equality: The silent mourning of mothers on Saturday June 27th 2009 in Laleh Park in Tehran was violently suppressed by security forces. A number of mothers and young women attending this peaceful gathering were detained by the security forces.

Despite the crackdown by the security forces and their attempt to disperses the attendees, more than 500 women and mothers were able to continue with the sit-in and gatherings in the main spot of the park. These mothers were peacefully gathering to commemorate the young men and women who had participated in the non-violent post-election demonstrations and had been martyred.

Following our first announcement, we- the mourning mothers of the martyrs- will continue with our peaceful sit-in in Laleh Park and other parks in Tehran. We will do so till we see the end of violence on the streets, freeing of all those arrested for participating in the peaceful protests after the June 12th election specially our fellow mothers who had been arrested last Saturday and the prosecution of those responsible for our children’s death. Our sit-ins will be in Laleh park and the following parks every Saturday from 7-8 p.m.

Laleh Park, Andishe Park, Mellat Park, Gofetegoo Park

Dear Mothers! Our mother instinct has forced us to demand justice for our children and freeing those who are detained or in prisons. We invite you to join our grassroots peaceful gatherings in the above-mentioned parks on Saturdays.

To our boys and brothers in the security forces! We are your mothers. We treat you as mothers and with respect. Respect us and our wishes and refrain from inflicting harm onto your mothers. Our sighs will follow you if you treat us with violence.

The Mourning Mothers of Iran

Soucer:Change for Equality

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