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The coup leader is inaugurated!

On Satuarday 25 July, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is inaugurated as president of Iran. The announcement of his presidency sparked demonstrations and objectioins in Iran and worldwide as the majority of Iranians believe, was engineered by an election-coup. Since 12 June, thousands of demonstrators have been kidnapped, assdualted and detained and scores of poeple killed by layers of security forces. Human rights organisations have gathered enough information to prove that the Iranian government is ignoring the basic rights of its citizens of peaceful demonstrations which has been gauranteed in the constitution. Iranians expect that poeple of the world support them in their plight to know what happened to their vote. Iranian people expect the international community not to recognise Ahmadinejad as Iran's president and limit political relations with Iran until fresh elections are held.

Iranians also request the unconditional release of political prisoners, the end to confessions under torture and an end to the detention of people and keeoing them in unknown places without access to a lawyer. Iranian people urge the international community especially the United Nations to demand to bring to justice those who oredered the killing of people and those who carried out the orders. 


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