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June 2017 (3)
Jun 29 2017 11:42AM
Join London demo: free Liu Xiaobo & all other PoC, solidarity with HK universal suffrage 倫敦七一抗議:自由劉曉波等所有良心犯,聲援香港真普選

A demonstration to call for immediate and unconditional release of the Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo and all other prisoners of conscience currently held in China; a solidarity action with the struggle for universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

Jun 4 2017 11:10PM
Remembrance and Resistance:The 28th Anniversary of the June Fourth Massacre

On Sunday the 4th of June, 7pm-10pm, around 70 people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in London to commemorate the Prodemocracy Movement in1989. Participators highlighted ten stories of the citizens who were killed in the...

Jun 1 2017 10:43AM
Remembrance and Resistance – 28th Anniversary of Tiananmen 記憶與抗爭 – 伦敦纪念“八九六四”二十八週年

To mark the 28th anniversary of the 1989 pro-democracy movement, a candlelit vigil will be held outside the Chinese Embassy in London on June 4th. We will highlight the stories of the citizens who were killed in the Massacre by the...