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Solidarity action: Rainbow Halo

This pride season, join us in showing solidarity to Elżbieta Podleśna who is being targeted for her human rights work.

Rainbow Halo - Solidarity Action


Protect transgender and intersex people's rights

Hungary parliament LGBTI flag
days left to take action

According to international and regional human rights standards, individuals should be able to obtain legal gender recognition through quick, accessible and transparent procedures and in accordance with their own perceptions of gender identity.  States must ensure that individuals can obtain documents reflecting their name and gender identity, without being required to satisfy criteria that in themselves violates their human rights.  

The new provisions of the law contradict Hungary’s international human rights obligations and its Fundamental Law in relation to several rights. Article 33 requires the recording of individuals’ sex by birth in the national registry of birth, marriages and deaths, which cannot be changed later. This means that individuals’ identification documents would contain the same, unchangeable information, preventing transgender and intersex people from registering their names and obtaining associated documents in accordance to their gender identity. These provisions severely violate the right of transgender and intersex people to dignity, their right to privacy and family life, and their right to legal recognition of their gender based on self-determination (see

Individuals whose official documents do not reflect their gender identity, name or gender expression will have to disclose that they are transgender every time they produce these documents. In many situations, this is likely to be a daily occurrence. In situations where official documents are required to obtain goods or services – for example, in finding employment, enrolling in education, obtaining housing, or claiming welfare benefits – transgender and intersex individuals will be forced to give up aspects of their right to private lives in order to obtain them.

In Hungary, transgender and intersex people are often subject to discrimination, in particular in employment, education, accessing goods and services, and housing. This new law represents the latest attempt to curtail transgender and intersex people’s rights, and will lead to further discrimination, while attacks and hate crimes against transgender and intersex people are expected to further intensify following the law’s entry into force.

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Gender identity for beginners

the basics

Your anatomy doesn't determine your gender identity and neither does the “gender binary”.

What is the gender binary? The gender binary is the idea that there are only two genders – male and female.

In reality, gender is much more like a spectrum – it isn’t set in stone and some people have fluid or fluctuating gender identities.

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The march of Pride on the road to justice

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Stand Up for Trans Rights

People from Amnesty International's Rainbow Network march at Pride in London.
© Marie-Anne Ventoura, Amnesty International

Amnesty UK is committed to stand up for LGBTI rights and to end discrimination. This is why we are campaigning in solidarity with the trans population in the UK and calling for changes to the law to ensure the rights of individuals who identify as trans are fully respected.

Urgent Action: Ensure pride marches can safely take place

On 14 June, the governorate of Izmir banned all Pride events, followed by the governorate of Antalya the next day.

UA 86/19 issued 17/06/2019
May 17 2019 3:33PM
LGBTI Rights around the world

Today marks the International day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. It is a day recognised across the globe, where people come together and raise awareness of the violation of rights that the LGBTI+ community continue to...

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