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Nauru (9)
Feb 20 2019 4:01pm
Nauru: New law restricting essential medical transfers for refugees risks deadly consequences
Responding to news that the government of Nauru has passed a law sever...
Nov 1 2018 2:07pm
Australia: Future still uncertain for detained children from Nauru
‘It is imperative that moving them off Nauru does not lead to further ...
Oct 18 2018 11:56am
Australia: Refugee children on Nauru facing 'dire health situation'
With the critical situation on Nauru deteriorating even further, Amnes...
Oct 11 2018 10:55am
Australia: 'Wretched situation' for refugees on Nauru as health crisis escalates
In response to the urgent call made by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) ...
Jun 15 2018 10:17am
Australia: Another tragic death in Nauru's offshore detention centre
‘Australia’s reckless and cruel refugee policies continue to endanger ...
Oct 11 2017 3:37pm
Australia's shame - why Europe must not follow its hard-hearted policies on refugees
By Claire Mallinson, Director of Amnesty Australia Naru, an island ...
Apr 5 2017 4:58pm
These businesses are making millions running Nauru refugee detention centre
By Peter Frankental, our Business and Human Rights Programme Director ...
Apr 5 2017 6:44am
Spanish multinational with major business links in UK makes millions from Australia's torture of refugees
A multinational company responsible for running the Australian governm...
Feb 28 2017 6:30pm
The human rights violators’ playbook: how to respond to an Amnesty International report
By Anna Neistat, Amnesty International’s Senior Director for Research ...