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Australia (57)
Mar 20 2023 10:14am
Australia: Former SAS soldier arrested for alleged war crime in Afghanistan is 'encouraging first step'
Four-year inquiry found evidence of grave human rights violations by A...
Mar 24 2022 8:39am
Australia: Refugees ‘trapped in limbo’ will finally be resettled in New Zealand
Amnesty International welcomes the news that people suffering in Austr...
Jan 10 2022 7:31pm
Australia: Djokovic saga sheds light on government's 'shameful refugee policies'
Responding to the judgement delivered in tennis star Novak Djokovic’s ...
May 25 2021 3:30pm
China: Australian-Chinese writer held on 'baseless' spying charges must get fair trial
Yang Hengjun faces possible death sentence for espionage  Writer ha...
Feb 18 2021 11:01am
Australia: Facebook's decision to block news sites 'extremely concerning'
Responding to Facebook blocking Australian news sites from being share...
Jun 5 2020 10:05am
Australia: Black Lives Matter protest must be allowed to take place
Responding to attempts by Australian police to ban Black Lives Matter ...
May 24 2019 8:57am
Manus: Surge in suicide attempts illustrates crisis of Australian policy
Responding to reports that several men sent to Manus Island (Papua New...
Feb 20 2019 4:01pm
Nauru: New law restricting essential medical transfers for refugees risks deadly consequences
Responding to news that the government of Nauru has passed a law sever...
Feb 19 2019 9:51am
Australia: Unacceptable that 'human error' led to jailing of footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi
In response to comments from Australian Border Force Commissioner Mich...
Feb 13 2019 10:00am
Australia: Reopening of detention camp a 'cruel and unnecessary political stunt'
Medivac Bill passes in parliament and government announces it will reo...