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Jun 29 2001 12:00 am
TUNISIA: Three international human rights groups join call for release of all prisoners of conscience

The three organisations said the move must cover all known or suspected government opponents or human rights activists who have been imprisoned, prosecuted or harassed simply for the peaceful exercise...

Jun 29 2001 12:00 am
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia : Amnesty International welcomes Milosevic's transfer to The Hague

'This is the most significant step so far taken by the government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) towards ending the impunity which has been enjoyed for too long by senior political...

Jun 28 2001 12:00 am
USA: The USA must obey International Court decision on prisoners' rights

Ruling by overwhelming majority, the ICJ declared that the USA was in breach of its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations to Germany and to German nationals Karl and Walter...

Jun 28 2001 12:00 am

Sihem Ben Sedrine has been shortlisted for this years ' Special Award for Human Rights Journalists Under Threat '. This award is given to a journalist who by reporting on the human rights situation in...

Jun 28 2001 12:00 am
GUINEA-BISSAU: Sustained attack against freedom of expression

'Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enshrined in the Guinean Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Guinea Bissau is a signatory. The government...

Jun 27 2001 12:00 am
INDONESIA: Aceh peace talks must put civilian protection first

The recent torture and killing of three high school students is a stark reminder of why human rights protection must be firmly on the agenda. Lukman (18), Azhari Iskandar (18) and Tarmizi (16) were...

Jun 27 2001 12:00 am
CHINA/NORTH KOREA: Asylum seekers must be protected

'As a signatory to the Refugee Convention, the Chinese authorities should guarantee the safety of the Gil-suh family while they have access to a fair refugee determination procedure. They should not...

Jun 26 2001 12:00 am
Democratic Republic of Congo: Torture - a weapon of war against unarmed civilians

In a situation of armed conflict involving troops from at least six governments and armed political groups, many of their forces use torture as a weapon of war, primarily against unarmed civilians...

Jun 26 2001 12:00 am
Americas: UN Day for the victims of torture -- a day for remembrance, a day for action

This happened in the Mexican state of Chiapas last month, but similar cases are still a sad occurrence in some 22 countries across the Americas, Amnesty International said today on the UN Day in...

Jun 25 2001 12:00 am
KENYA: Impunity encourages the perpetuation of police torture

'The unwillingness or failure of the government to uphold the rule of law signals to Kenyans that police who abuse people's fundamental rights are above the law, 'Amnesty International said in Ending...