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Mar 30 2001 12:00 am
NAMIBIA: Gays and lesbians under attack

'The Government of Namibia is obliged to fully protect the rights of all its people, includings gays and lesbians. Public officials must not incite discrimination, hostility or violence against...

Mar 30 2001 12:00 am
JAMAICA: Amnesty International's forensic expert to observe Braeton autopsies

Dr. Leth will be working at the request of and acting as a consultant to Amnesty International, in order to safeguard that the autopsies be carried out in conformity with the principles embodied in...

Mar 30 2001 12:00 am
IRAQ: The fate of 106 religious clerics and students still unknown after ten years

"Ten years have passed since these people "disappeared" and the obligation remains on the government to clarify their fate" said Amnesty International today. "So far, there has been no evidence that...

Mar 29 2001 12:00 am
SOMALIA: Still no end to human rights violations?

'Taking humanitarian workers hostage is an appalling abuse of human rights. Such actions contribute nothing to the restoration of peace and security in Somalia. This abduction is only one more brutal...

Mar 29 2001 12:00 am
RUSSIAN FEDERATION - CHECHNYA: Only an international investigation will end impunity. The UN Commission on Human Rights must act now

The organization is urging the Commission to establish without delay an international investigation into violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Chechnya as the only effective answer to...

Mar 28 2001 12:00 am
USA: Pepper spray used repeatedly on Native American Children's rights. Amnesty International calls for investigation

The organization is concerned that staff at the Pine Hills School Youth Correctional Facility frequently used the painful - and potentially dangerous - chemical spray, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), to...

Mar 28 2001 12:00 am
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Government must end the torture and killing of opponents.

In, 'Deadly Conspiracies', a new report published today on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Amnesty International said over 100 people from the Kivu region of eastern DRC are currently held...

Mar 28 2001 12:00 am
AUSTRALIA: Picking and choosing human rights standards

Adoption of the controversial law would mean that Australians could not use international human rights standards - which Australia has signed up to - when complaining about violations of rights in...

Mar 28 2001 12:00 am
ARGENTINA: No Full Stop in the Quest for Justice

'Judge Cavallo's decision opens the way for judicial proceedings in thousands of cases concerning victims of 'disappearance' , torture and extrajudicial execution committed during the time of the...

Mar 28 2001 12:00 am
ARGENTINA : Putting a full stop to 25 years of impunity

'This anniversary, weighed down as it is by the terrible legacy of that period, is yet one more reminder that the Argentinian Government urgently needs to take concrete measures to denote that a new...