Jan 21 2013 8:23PM
December 2012 Write for Rights

This year we took the annual Greetings Card Campaign out to the Swindon public on 8th December, with a stand at Swindon Central Library.

Nov 9 2012 4:01PM
November 2012 Monthly Meeting

Our November meeting saw us taking action on a whole range of current campaigning issues:

Oct 27 2012 12:25PM
October 2012 One World Week Meeting

For our One World Week meeting this year we were privileged to have Zoya Phan come to speak. Zoya is Campaigns Manager at Burrma Campaign UK, and author of "Little Daughter".

Oct 27 2012 12:21PM
Swindon Film Society 29th November

Amnesty members and supporters may be interested in this film, being screened by the Swindon Film Society at Swindon Central Library:

Aug 31 2012 12:33AM
June 2012 The campaigning goes on despite the weather!

June has been a busy month. Sunday 10th saw our inaugural Amnesty Group Walk and picnic at Coate Water in Swindon.

Aug 30 2012 9:10PM
May 2011 50th Anniversary Town Centre Event

Swindon Amnesty group took to the streets to celebrate the 50th birthday of Amnesty International.

Aug 30 2012 9:09PM
August 2011 Swindon Pride

This was our second year taking part in the Swindon Pride event, and we had a hugely positive response from event-goers.

Aug 30 2012 9:09PM
21 September 2011 US State of Georgia executes Troy Davis

We were shocked and dismayed at the execution of Troy Davis, despite the many doubts surrounding his conviction.

Aug 30 2012 9:07PM
December 2011 Greetings Cards Campaign and Write for Rights

Our annual Greetings Card Campaign meeting was held on Thursday 8th December.

Aug 30 2012 9:06PM
March 2012 International Women's Day

Our group celebrated International Women’s Day by listening to a recording of the first of the two Reith Lectures, delivered by Aung San Suu Kyi in June of l