Sep 18 2012 9:19PM
September 2012 Monthly Meeting
Our September meeting was action-packed, with letters and petitions signed on the death penalty, human rights issues in Tunisia and protection for asylum-seeking women in the UK.
Aug 31 2012 12:33AM
June 2012 The campaigning goes on despite the weather!
June has been a busy month. Sunday 10th saw our inaugural Amnesty Group Walk and picnic at Coate Water in Swindon.
Aug 30 2012 9:11PM
March 2011 International Women's Day
8 th March marked the centenary of International Women’s Day.
Aug 30 2012 9:10PM
May 2011 50th Anniversary Town Centre Event
Swindon Amnesty group took to the streets to celebrate the 50 th birthday of Amnesty International.
Aug 30 2012 9:09PM
August 2011 Swindon Pride
This was our second year taking part in the Swindon Pride event, and we had a hugely positive response from event-goers.
Aug 30 2012 9:09PM
21 September 2011 US State of Georgia executes Troy Davis
We were shocked and dismayed at the execution of Troy Davis, despite the many doubts surrounding his conviction.
Aug 30 2012 9:08PM
October Monthly Meeting: One World Week
Ellis Brooks, AIUK Syria Coordinator, updated us on the developing situation in Syria, and on Amnesty's campaigning approach.
Aug 30 2012 9:07PM
December 2011 Greetings Cards Campaign and Write for Rights
Our annual Greetings Card Campaign meeting was held on Thursday 8 th December.
Aug 30 2012 9:06PM
Guantanamo still open 10 years on
11 January 2012 marks ten years since the first detainee were transferred to the US detention facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
Aug 30 2012 9:06PM
March 2012 International Women's Day
Our group celebrated International Women’s Day by listening to a recording of the first of the two Reith Lectures, delivered by Aung San Suu Kyi in June of l