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January 2022 (10)
Jan 29 2022 4:06PM
15 January 2022 #Stop Refugee families freezing!

Across the UK in London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle, Carlisle, Worcester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cornwall as well as in Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Poland, Amnesty Activists and supporters held vigils and protests outside Polish...

Jan 29 2022 3:54PM
10 January 2022 Meeting Highlights

Two very short films featuring our Prisoner of Conscience, Dr Mohammed al-Roken were shown. Everybody agreed that seeing him talking made a personal connection which we hope will galvanise our campaigning. What came across was his...

Jan 29 2022 3:44PM
6 December 2021 Meeting Highlights

At the meeting the group participated in the annual Amnesty “ Write For Rights ” 2021 Campaign. Group members presented the stories of 10 individuals, communities and organisations worldwide whose rights are being abused and who...

Jan 28 2022 11:50PM
Geraldine Chacón - 1 November 2021 Meeting Highlights

Geraldine Chacon, ex-Prisoner of Conscience from Venezuela Sutton Amnesty were honoured to have Geraldine Chacón speak to the group. Geraldine is a lawyer, human rights advocate and ex-prisoner of conscience from Venezuela. She gave a...

Jan 28 2022 11:27PM
Simone Theiss - 4 October 2021 Meeting Highlights

Simone Theiss, Secretary of the Amnesty International Westminster & Bayswater Group gave an excellent and very detailed presentation to the Sutton group on how to set up the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and...

Jan 28 2022 11:21PM
6 September 2021 Meeting Highlights

A video was shown to the group featuring the presentation from Clare Moseley, Founder of Care4Calais . The video described the work Clare and her organisation do to care for the humanitarian needs of refugees in France and the UK...

Jan 28 2022 11:04PM
5 July 2021 Meeting Highlights

The group reviewed which countries/regions and themes it wished to receive information, and take action on. Members of the group felt they were not ‘over-burdened’ and that most requested actions were very simple to respond to. That...

Jan 28 2022 10:57PM
7 June 2021 Meeting Highlights

The Group were pleased to welcome Abigail Tuxworth-Grant (‘Abby’) a member of the AIUK Main Board, who sits on the Activism sub-committee and who also chairs the Kingston Amnesty Group. Topics covered were: (i) Impact of the Movement...

Jan 28 2022 10:47PM
10 May 2021 Meeting Highlights

Sutton Amnesty Group’s 2021 AGM As they had indicated prior to the meeting, Paul Barnard and Tessa Cornell stepped down as Chair and Secretary respectively. The Group thanked them for the enormous contribution they had made, recalling...

Jan 28 2022 9:28PM
Ilker Demir - 1 March 2021 Meeting Highlights

Reunion with ex-Prisoner of Conscience Ilker Demir, Turkish Journalist The Sutton group were delighted to have Ilker Demir speak to us via zoom on the 30th anniversary of his release from prison in 1991, and coincidentally on the 60th...