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5 July 2021 Meeting Highlights

The group reviewed which countries/regions and themes it wished to receive information, and take action on. Members of the group felt they were not ‘over-burdened’ and that most requested actions were very simple to respond to. That suggested a ‘longer list’ which the group would subscribe to and our Secretary would circulate. Individuals within the group could respond as they saw appropriate. The chosen list comprised:

Country (Region)

  • Columbia, Brazil (South America)
  • Turkey (Europe)
  • Russia (Former Soviet Union)
  • Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (Former Soviet Union)
  • Burma/Myanmar (South East Asia)
  • Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lebanon (Middle East &  Gulf)
  • UAE, Iran (Middle East & Gulf)
  • Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone (West & Central Africa)


  • Children’s Network
  • Amnesty Feminists
  • Urgent Action    
  • Individuals at Risk

Our Secretary had prepared a letter in relation to Raman Pratasevich and Sofia Sapegato (the Ukrainian journalist and his Russian girlfriend whose plane had been diverted to Minsk followed by their subsequent arrest, imprisonment and suspected intimidation) suitable for printing off and signature. On reviewing on the AIUK website though, it emerged this could be done automatically by clicking a few buttons. It was concluded this approach could be adopted in future.

An updated History of Sutton Amnesty has now been finalised and is ready for distribution and as an aid in recruitment.

The GDPR notification letter is almost complete and the intention is to circulate this before the next meeting, in order for the group to meet it’s GDPR compliance obligations.

Our Chair reported back on a webinar he had heard from Dr Erkin Sidiq, President of the Uyghur Projects Foundation and a NASA scientist, suggesting the treatment of Uyghurs in China may be far worse than reported in the media. He suggested this could be the subject of a future meeting.

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