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2015 (11)
Jan 6 2015 9:35PM
Minutes of Group Meeting & AGM January 12th 2015

Attending : Liz, Paddy, Carolyn, Paul, Helen, Elizabeth, Beatrice, Claudia, Sarah, Carmel, Pearse Apologies : Gee, Leo, Heiko

Feb 6 2015 11:30AM
Minutes of Group Meeting February 9th 2015

Attending : Paul, Helen, Claudia, Paddy, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Thierry. Apologies : Carmel, Liz, Pearse, Carolyn, Leo.

Apr 6 2015 9:05PM
Minutes of Group Meeting April 13th 2015

Attending: Paddy, Caitlyn, Catrina, Grainne, Heiko, Carolyn, Pearse, Elisabeth, Liz, Paul, Beatrice, Leo, Carmel, Claudia, Paula

May 9 2015 2:51PM
Minutes of Group Meeting May 11th 2015

Attending: Liz, Paddy, Lydia, Leo, Carolyn, Elisabeth, Roisin, Nikki, Grainne, Heiko, Pearse, Carmel, Beatrice Apologies: Paul, Claudia, Amy

Jul 1 2015 2:19PM
Minutes of Group Meeting June 8th 2015

Attending : Paddy, Paul, Liz, Leo, Carolyn, Beatrice, Elisabeth, Heiko, Grainne, Roisin, Maria, Paula, William, Mick, Carmel Apologies: Claudia

Sep 12 2015 12:13AM
Minutes of Group Meeting September 14th 2015

Attending : Carolyn, Leo, Vincent, Stefana, Brian, Caylee, Paul, Heiko, Claudia, Carmel, Grainne, Beatrice Apologies : Paddy

Jul 1 2015 2:21PM
Minutes of Group Meeting July 6th 2015

Attending : Roisin, Elisabeth, Liz, Carolyn, Claudia, Grainne, Leo, Carmel, Paul, Paddy, Beatrice Apologies: Heiko

Sep 12 2015 12:09AM
Minutes of Group Meeting August 10th 2015

Attending: Paddy, William, Claudia, Grainne, Carolyn, Paul, Liz, Beatrice, Leo Apologies : Heiko

Mar 5 2015 4:03PM
Minutes of Group meeting March 9th 2015

Attending: Paul, Elizabeth, Leo, Heiko, Carmel, Beatrice, Liz, Claudia , Helen. Grainne, Carolyn, Paddy, Noa Apologies: Pearse

Feb 16 2015 11:05AM
QUIZ NIGHT raised £227 ! ! !

Thank you everyone for coming ! Special thanks to Helen for all her hard work in making the event such a fun & successful evening ! ! !