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2016 (9)
Feb 7 2016 6:48PM
Minutes of Group Meeting November 9th 2015

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Liz, Helen, Claudia, Heiko, Beatrice Apologies: Leo, Paddy, Grainne

Feb 7 2016 6:53PM
Minutes of Group Meeting December 14th 2015

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Leo, Pearse, Beatrice Apologies: Grainne, Liz, Paddy. Welcome: Carolyn welcomed the group.

Feb 7 2016 6:57PM
Minutes of Group Meeting January 11th 2016

Attending: Leo, Paul, Paddy, Carolyn, Rowan, Beatrice, Gee, Carmel, Liz, Grainne, Lucy, Kelly, Emma, Claudia, Mrs Belloni Apologies: Pearse

Mar 14 2016 11:50AM
Minutes of Group Meeting February 8th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Joel, Grainne, Conor, Rowan, Heiko, Claudia, Rory, Beatrice, Leo Welcome & minutes:

Apr 9 2016 5:18PM
Minutes of Group Meeting March 14th 2016

Attending: Liz, Rowan, Paul, Paddy, Carmel, Claudia, Oliver, Heiko, Beatrice Apologies: Carolyn, Pearse, Grainne

Jun 13 2016 11:24AM
Minutes of Group Meeting April 11th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Claudia, Liz, Leo, Paddy, Heiko, Rebecca, Uel, Rowan, Stephen, Beatrice, Carmel, Mick Apologies: Pearse, Grainne

Jun 13 2016 11:34AM
Minutes of Group Meeting May 9th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Rowan, Paddy, Heiko, Liz, Beatrice, Stephen, Clemence, Fionnula, Pearse, Grainne Apologies: Claudia, Carmel.

Jul 5 2016 12:43PM
Minutes of Group Meeting June 13th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Grainne, Phyllis, Rowan, Heiko, Claudia, Stephen, Fionnula, Leo Apologies: Liz, Pearse, Beatrice, Carmel

Jul 5 2016 12:51PM
Minutes of Group Meeting July 4th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Beatrice, Phyllis, Heiko, Claudia, Stephen, Liz, Leo Apologies: Grainne