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Minutes of Group Meeting November 9th 2015

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Liz, Helen, Claudia, Heiko, Beatrice

Apologies: Leo, Paddy, Grainne

Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting.

October Minutes: Minutes were noted.

Recent Events:

Launch of the My Body, My Rights film was attended by Paul & Helen. Paul advised it was well attended by a good selection of NGOs, people from N Ireland, Republic of Ireland & England. The launch got mentions in The Guardian & The Telegraph.

Kate Allen: Kate’s talk was well attended, approx. 30 people attending. It was positive & motivating.

Amnesty International  Lecture at Queens: The talk was by an Afghan refugee, Gulwali Passarlay, who was imprisoned  & tortured while fleeing to Britain. Those attending advised it was a very positive talk.

Film: India’s Daughter: About the gang rape of a young Indian woman on a bus. Claudia advised this was very powerful & very upsetting.

Film: He Named Me Malala: Carolyn introduced film. Claudia advised the introduction, like the film was very positive & motivating.

Good News:

Shaker Aamer has been released from Guantanamo detention centre.

EU votes to stop trade in tools of torture. Amnesty has wanted various loopholes in arms trade closed & this has now been achieved.

Dealing with anti-choice protestors:

After a recent event at The Crescent Arts Centre where  approx. 10 anti- choice demonstrators silently held placards outside Helen suggested getting someone from Alliance for Choice to speak to the group to advise on how to deal with this if it happens at future events. Claudia advised she’s look into arranging a speaker.

Maximising our impact:

Heiko suggested the group should work on improving networking. Helen advises we are members of the Human Rights Consortium network & if we give her 2 weeks notice our events etc can be sent to this mailing list. Claudia suggested the  group should have a stall at more events.

Action of the Month: The group wrote letters for the Urgent Action on Palestinian children held in detention in Israel.

Upcoming Events:

U2 Concerts 18th & 19th November– some of the group are volunteering at U2 concerts getting Syria petitions signed.

Group meal 7th December: Beatrice will send a futher email on this

Human Rights Day in House of Commons 9th December. Paul & Carolyn are attending

Write for Rights 12th December 11am-2pm at the Black Box, Belfast. The group thanked Helen for organising the venue. Carolyn advised AIUK staff member Farshid has asked for feedback from the group on the event. Paul volunteered to liaise with Farshid. Beatrice advised all materials are ordered. Heiko will put on facebook. Helen will share with Human Rights Consortium network.

AGM will be in Nottingham 9-10th April 2016.

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