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Apr 25 2017 12:33PM
Minutes of Group Meeting March 13th 2017

Attending: Paddy, Brian, Carolyn, Beatrice, Renas, Paul, Fionnuala, Peter, Phyllis, Jason, Jenny, Sipho, Noma, Heiko, Claudia, Carmel, Barbara Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. Minutes: Item on group finances to be...

Apr 25 2017 12:29PM
Minutes of Group Meeting 13th February 2017

Attending: Grainne, Fionnula, Stephen, Paul, Claudia, Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Beatrice, Brian Apologies: Liz, Pearse, Sandra, Renas Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. Minutes: No comments on January minutes. Group...

Apr 25 2017 12:25PM
Minutes of Group Meeting 9th January 2017

Attending: Claudia, Carolyn, Paddy, Brian, Paul, Renas, Fionnuala, Carmel, Liz, Pearse, Beatrice, Makhosi, Seifu Apologies: Grainne, Heiko Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. December minutes: Paul advised a correction...

Apr 25 2017 12:21PM
Minutes of Group Meeting 14th November 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paddy, Brian, Stephen, Andrew, Paul, Fionnuala, Heiko, Beatrice, Carmel, Claudia Apologies: Liz, Leo, Grainne Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. October minutes: No comments on October minutes Good...

Apr 25 2017 12:17PM
Minutes of Group Meeting October 10th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Fionnula, Adrienne, Paul, Beatrice, Bryan, Phyllis, Leo, Liz, Mark, Carmel, Heiko, Grainne, Claudia, Paddy, Jenny, Cormac. Welcome: Carolyn welcomed & introduced the guest speakers, Norma Ncube & Justin Kouame...

Apr 25 2017 12:09PM
Minutes of Group Meeting September 12th 2016

Attending: Paul, Carolyn, Phyllis, Fionnula, Grainne, Beatrice, Patrick, Antonella, Claudia, Lynsey, Pearse Apologies: Liz, Leo, Heiko Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting. Good News: Carolyn advised on the good news story...

Apr 25 2017 12:00PM
Minutes of Group Meeting August 8th 2016

Attending : Paddy, Alex, Patricia, Grainne, Carolyn, Heiko, Phyllis, Paul, Liz, Beatrice, Claudia, Leo, Stephen, Fionnuala, Siri, Lindsay Apologies : Pearse Welcome & speakers introduction : Carolyn welcomed everyone & introduced the...

Jul 5 2016 12:51PM
Minutes of Group Meeting July 4th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Beatrice, Phyllis, Heiko, Claudia, Stephen, Liz, Leo Apologies : Grainne

Jul 5 2016 12:43PM
Minutes of Group Meeting June 13th 2016

Attending: Carolyn, Paul, Paddy, Grainne, Phyllis, Rowan, Heiko, Claudia, Stephen, Fionnula, Leo Apologies: Liz, Pearse, Beatrice, Carmel

Jun 13 2016 11:34AM
Minutes of Group Meeting May 9th 2016

Attending : Carolyn, Paul, Rowan, Paddy, Heiko, Liz, Beatrice, Stephen, Clemence, Fionnula, Pearse, Grainne Apologies : Claudia, Carmel.