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Minutes of Group Meeting March 13th 2017

Attending: Paddy, Brian, Carolyn, Beatrice,  Renas, Paul, Fionnuala, Peter, Phyllis, Jason,  Jenny,  Sipho, Noma, Heiko, Claudia, Carmel, Barbara

Welcome: Carolyn welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes: Item on group finances to be carried forward by Carolyn & Pearse.

Feedback on recent events: NI Regional Conference. Fionnuala advised approx. 55 attended. Feedback from the group was very positive. It was a well organised, interesting & informative conference & the group thanked Fionnuala & Paul for their input.

Resolutions for 2017 AIUK AGM: The group discussed each resolution to decide how we should vote as a group. Carolyn will vote for the group as advised.

A1: Rules of Process: Specific rules making the workings of committees more transparent. Carolyn will decide at the AGM

A2: Proxy Votes: More information provided so proxy voters have more knowledge when casting their vote. Carolyn will decide at AGM.

A3: Written statements to replace background notes with a committee set up to make possible counter arguments to resolutions. Group was against this.

A4: Change Standing Orders if A3 is passed. Group was against this.

B1: AI to work more on the rights of the Chagossian people who were evicted from their homes. Group was for this.

B2: Improving standards for detained asylum seekers: Group was for this.

B3: AI to work more on rights of Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Group was for this.

B4: Make combatting homelessness a priority campaign. This  resolution was raised by QUB student group. Peter, Jenny & Jason from the QUB group spoke on the resolution. Belfast group advised the resolution should be amended so it is not put forward as a priority campaign. The Belfast group commended the QUB group for raising the resolution & the group is for an amended resolution.

C1: Amend Articles of Association to ensure consistency of AGM elections process. Carolyn will decide at AGM.

C2: Amend articles that prevent people who are bankrupt becoming AIUK members. Group was for this.

C3: Exploratory Work to improve how AIUK engages & inspires. Group was for this.

C4: Review role of & possible payment for Regional Reps. Group was against this.

C5: AI re-evaluate is recent policy on sex work. Group was against this in part because the policy is so recent.

Guest Speaker-Barbara Boyle: Barbara gave an informative & interesting talk on women in Iranian prisons. Barbara spoke on Rosa Vasseghi’s book “Where is the Justice”. Barbara is organising a fundraiser to help support these women & suggested this is supported by Belfast & QUB Amnesty groups. The group was in favour of this & Carolyn will liaise with Barbara.

Actions: The group signed petition - End the horror in Syrian prisons.

Signed appeal letters for 17 year old Palestinian Ahmad Azmi Abdurrahman Hanatsheh  who is serving an administrative detention order.

Signed appeal letters for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

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