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Minutes of Group Meeting September 14th 2015

Attending: Carolyn, Leo, Vincent, Stefana, Brian, Caylee, Paul, Heiko,  Claudia, Carmel, Grainne, Beatrice

Apologies: Paddy

Minutes from last meeting: 

Carolyn advised she’d take on the role of liaising with the Belfast office to keep the group updated of work & events organised by the office.

Update from Belfast office

Carolyn advised the office continues to work campaigning for marriage equality.  Friday 18th September there’s the “Big Fat Gay Wedding” event at steps of Merchant Hotel.

The office continues to work on the “Dealing With the Past” campaign. There is a meeting on this at University of Ulster Belfast campus 16th September.

The office continues to work on the “My Body, My Rights” campaign & is liaising with the Human Rights Commission on the current judicial review on abortion rights in N Ireland.

Upcoming events:

N Ireland Human Rights Festival will be 6-12th December. Grainne & Patrick have asked if the group would like to put on an event.  Carolyn suggested we have a Write for Rights day like previous years. Beatrice advised Helen has been in contact about this & the Write for Rights event will feature in the festival brochure.

Leo suggested the group uses Human Rights week to raise the groups profile.

Claudia suggested a movie screening. Grainne suggested a screening of Sister India. Stefano suggested a photographic exhibition. To be discussed further. Carolyn advises she’ll liaise with the office if they are organising an event.

Claudia, Heiko & Caylee advised they will discuss possible events further.

Kate Allen  will speak to the group on 12th October. Carolyn has liaised with the Queens group & invited them . Venue to be organised. Suggested topics to discuss included where AI is now and an update from the ICM.


El Salvador action. The group made keys & wrote messages of support on ribbons attached to the keys for an art exhibition in El Salvador showing support for women who are suffering because of the total ban on abortion in the country. They include women who’ve suffered miscarriages or still births but have been convicted of homicide & received prison sentences of 30 years or more.

Letters were written to Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skill to call on the UK government to stop the trade in torture equipment.

Consultation paper: Beatrice advised  she’d email the group a copy of a consultation paper from the AIUK board asking for feedback on a number of governance issues.

Feedback on recent events:

Grainne advised the speakers were good but disappointing  numbers attending the rally on 19th September in support of refugees.

Fundraising walk: Paul advised £85 was raised & it was a pleasant, social event with 10 walkers.


Monthly mailing: Carolyn advised that if anyone wants to be sent the monthly group mailing & campaign news to contact Farshid at AIUK.

Beatrice advised the group’s affiliation fee is now due. This is a fee, currently £72, that local groups pay to AIUK. Beatrice advised she’d send the paperwork to our treasurer, Pearse.

Social media: Vincent volunteered to help with the groups social media work. To liaise with Heiko on this.

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