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Apr 26 2023 3:51PM
The Public Order Bill: Explained

The UK Government's Public Order bill has passed. Find out what this means below: Today (26 April 2023) the final stages of the Public Order Bill finally passed the House of Lords. The bill will introduce yet more draconian powers to...

Apr 5 2023 12:22PM
The UK's Cruel Immigration Bill: Explained

The UK Government's latest immigration bill not only threatens to dismantle our asylum system, but also carries alarming implications for families, children, citizenship and human rights. With far-reaching consequences, this bill...

Mar 13 2023 1:07PM
The 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution - Will Assad be 'Normalised' by the 13th?

By Mansour Omari* This March marks the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution. It is, as ever, an occasion for remembrance, sadness, and defiance, but also urgent action. These anniversaries are an occasion to mourn the loss of our...

Feb 9 2023 5:39PM
Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians made PMQs last week - why this matters

This blog was written by Sacha Deshmukh, Amnesty International UK Chief Executive Yet another bleak start to the year for Palestinians After an exceptionally bloody start to the year in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories, we...

Feb 2 2023 12:03PM
23 reasons why we need the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act is an invisible safety net for all of us, working to ensure our rights are respected, and a crucial means of defence for the most vulnerable. But why do we need the Human Rights Act?

Jan 27 2023 4:38PM
2022: A horrible year for refugee rights. What’s next?

2022: A horrible year. What’s next? 2022 was the year in which everything changed and yet everything stayed the same. Priti Patel began the year as Home Secretary. Suella Braverman finished the year in that post. And Grant Shapps made...

Dec 20 2022 5:43PM
2022 - A year of Courage & Solidarity

Whether it’s “permacrisis” or “sportswashing”, some of the 2022 words of the year reflect what a tough year it has been for human rights. But amongst the many suggestions for entry into the pages of dictionaries, was the statement of...

Nov 28 2022 10:30AM
Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative

As the UK is set to bring together world leaders to act on sexual violence in conflict the government must be transparent about the double standards towards victims.

Nov 14 2022 10:22AM
Reviving the Bill of Rights is dangerous, ill-advised, and damaging for this country

Rishi Sunak must drop this Bill of Rights once and for all. It seems that the only person who wants this Bill of Rights is Dominic Raab. Bringing the bill back now, after it has been dropped and roundly condemned on all sides.

Oct 26 2022 2:28PM
Anti-Racism Network

Our society is structurally racist. We have launched Amnesty’s Anti-Racism Network to bring people together, to fight for the rights that racism as an institution has taken away from people of colour. Together we are stronger.

Oct 19 2022 2:48PM
“A home is not a luxury; it is a non-negotiable necessity.”

Amnesty UK interviewed Ellie, about her experience of homelessness. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I recently graduated with a masters in Classics, and I am currently working as a Librarian. I have dedicated this year to...

Oct 17 2022 10:57AM
Open letter to Northern Ireland Secretary of State

It has now been 3 years since the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland- but commissioned abortion services are still not set up. This is unacceptable and causes harm every day. No more feet dragging, no more failure.

Oct 10 2022 2:13PM
Is the Prevent programme racist?

Is Prevent racist? As part of our in-depth research project on Prevent, we want to know how the Prevent strategy is impacting free speech and the right to protest and how marginalised groups may be at a particular disadvantage.

Jul 14 2022 11:53AM
Open letter on Justice for Ukraine

This World Day for International Justice Day we demand impartial justice for human rights violations everywhere. Securing impartial justice is vital for humanity to win, and this is our message to the Foreign Secretary.

Jul 12 2022 2:46PM
New Israeli PM - Same Old Apartheid and Annexation

This November will see the fifth Israeli elections in less than four years, with now ex-prime minister Naftali Bennett having handed over the reins to Yair Lapid, who will remain interim premier until a new government is sworn in after...

Jul 4 2022 3:53PM
Why young voices are needed, and can make a difference

How young people and social media have positively impacted global movements and how Amnesty UK can help in uplifting voices of young people.

Jun 9 2022 9:00AM
Dire day for refugees and all who care about justice

Wherever we come from, we all have the right to be safe . But, Priti Patel and the government don't think so. On 28th June, the UK's interpretation of the definition of a refugee and the rights to which every person who is a refugee is...

Jun 4 2022 10:22PM
Tiananmen Square: Four things you should know

It's thirty three years on since the Tiananmen Square crackdown in China. Hundreds if not thousands of people were killed, and tens of thousands were arrested – simply for peacefully calling for reform and an end to corruption.

May 30 2022 9:00AM
5 Ways Humanity Won This Year (So Far)

As Amnesty marks 61 years of working to defend people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied, we celebrate just some of the ways our movement has made change in 2022 (so far)

May 18 2022 10:24AM
The Human Rights Act Should Stay

Amnesty International UK Director Sacha Deshmukh's article for The Times on Thursday May 12 2022. The Human Rights Act should stay: current plans to strip it down leave the UK at risk of joining the authoritarian club.