2020 (7)
Feb 18 2020 3:58PM
Book review: Chinglish by Sue Cheung
Eisha Imtiaz reviews Chinglish by Sue Cheung. The novel, told in diary entries and doodles, explores the life of a teenager caught between two different cultures. Cheung's novel is equally quirky, fun and compellingly honest.
Feb 13 2020 2:15PM
An unjust deportation system
On Tuesday, the Government deported around 20 people on a flight to Jamaica. It had intended to deport many more but was prevented from doing so by a court when it was clear that some people had received no proper opportunity to secure
Feb 4 2020 2:15PM
Use your right to peaceful protest, creatively!
An Amnesty collaboration, two beautiful new books take us on a visual journey through 100 years of peaceful protest.
Jan 31 2020 11:59AM
Perfect books to give
Sometimes it can be hard to choose gifts. The Amnesty team recommend books for children and adults, with human rights at their heart.
Jan 27 2020 2:29PM
Seven queer books that changed the world
Choosing seven queer books out of the magnificent tumults of queer literature is a difficult task. But who better to take on the challenge than the brilliant writer Patrick Cash.
Jan 23 2020 9:41AM
Reading for Empathy Lab: books for a better world
I had the pleasure and privilege of reading and assessing books for the Empathy Lab collection 2020. Read this blog to find out about my judging journey and my favourite titles.
Jan 13 2020 10:26AM
Book review: Internment by Samira Ahmed
Madeleine Ross reviews Internment by Samira Hamed. The novel explores the possibility of American hard right policies coming to fruition. Hamed delivers a compelling and timely book.