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2015 (4)
Dec 15 2015 3:34PM
Our top winter reads for children

Written by Sam Nadel, Publishing Team volunteer. Finding the perfect Christmas book for children and young people can be a daunting task. But as well as making great gifts, children’s books can inspire empathy and communicate the value...

Dec 3 2015 4:53PM
Why we’ve published My Little Book of BIG Freedoms

At Amnesty we know that human rights are crucial to a well-functioning society. In our view, all of us should understand, uphold and celebrate them, no matter how old or young we are. Children should be taught about them as early as...

Aug 13 2015 10:55AM
Amnesty's top summer reads for children

Fancy spending your summer with a smelly dog? Or maybe you’d rather spend it exploring ancient city woodlands? Or maybe even embarking on a daring adventure to post-Civil War America? For whatever it is that piques your child’s...

Feb 6 2015 1:08PM
Books for children in dark times

As the world’s largest human rights organisation, Amnesty deals with issues of epic proportions as well as individual cases. We also set great store by the power of children’s fiction. This sometimes surprises people. But children have...