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August 2012 (4)
Aug 20 2012 2:06PM
Pussy Riot - your messages of support

It's only been a few days since three members of Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years each in prison, but here at Amnesty we’re feeling encouraged. And that's thanks to you. We've received an unbelievable number of messages from the...

Aug 17 2012 3:35PM
Pussy Riot jailed. Speak out for them once more.

I would say I'm shocked by the news that Nadezhda, Maria and Ekaterina, members of punk band Pussy Riot, have been jailed for 2 years for 'hooliganism on the grounds of religous hatred'. But I am not shocked. It does not surprise me at...

Aug 16 2012 6:00PM
At the doors of the Russian Embassy with Pussy Riot

‘No matter what happens on the 17 th – we already won really’ Outrage at the treatment of Pussy Riot has galvanised into a global movement for their freedom. Here in the UK alone over 12,000 of you have taken action. Your texts have...

Aug 7 2012 6:12PM
Free Pussy Riot, freedom of expression and creative protest

‘We came with what we have and can: with our musical performance.’ Artful understatement from Pussy Riot’s Nadia Tolokonikovoy . For what they ‘have’, and what they ‘can’, is this . Thanks to them, it’s only a matter of time before I...