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September 2013 (5)
Sep 24 2013 2:53PM
The clock strikes thirteen – it’s Banned Books week!

It’s Banned Books Week and I am reminded of events in Turkey earlier this year. On 17 June, Erdem Gunduz stood silently in Taksim Square for eight hours with his hands in his pockets. His strong but peaceful act of resistance made...

Sep 20 2013 3:51PM
Looking for the Rights Result - Scotland votes on Independence in one year

The countdown has begun! In a year’s time, the question of Independence will be put to the people of Scotland. As the Referendum looms ever closer on the horizon, we at Amnesty Scotland are holding a series of debates around the...

Sep 19 2013 1:40PM
Rememberance of things past - Scotland’s lasting support for Pinochet’s victims

On September 11 1973, a military coup in Chile ousted the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, installing a dictatorship in its place. General Augusto Pinochet presided over 16 years of state-sponsored torture, murder...

Sep 12 2013 3:42PM
A change is gonna come

Rea Cris is the Parliamentary Office Administrator at Scottish Environmental LINK and Communication Co-ordinator at the International Union for Conservation of Nature. You can find her on Twitter @MeecoYoueco Scottish Environment LINK...

Sep 5 2013 1:31PM
Freedom from the Festival

Risga Carson has been volunteering for Amnesty Scotland during the Edinburgh Festival for several years. This year, she was Festival Co-ordinator. Every year, at least 30 volunteers work with Amnesty Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival...