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June 2013 (4)
Jun 26 2013 4:33PM
Seeking a safe harbour – Refugee Week Stories

The cavernous wooden ceilings of Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket concert hall remind me of the hull of an upturned ship. It was a fitting reminder at the Refugee Week Opening Concert that, through countless serendipitous chances, many...

Jun 20 2013 2:55PM
What a tangled web we weave – Freedom of expression on the Internet

Rea Cris is the Parliamentary Office Administrator at Scottish Environmental LINK and Communication Co-ordinator at the International Union for Conservation of Nature. You can find her on the Me Eco You Eco corner of the blogosphere or...

Jun 17 2013 9:43AM
The Business of Human Rights

Amnesty Scotland is closely involved with the Human Rights Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament. The last meeting gave us some insight into how businesses handle human rights issues and the impact UK-registered companies have...

Jun 7 2013 9:38PM
Music is the Message

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains truths which transcend borders, nationalities, and the words we use to communicate. The issue of human rights moves people to act, to wake up, and connect with others. “Much like music...