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August 2010 (3)
Aug 15 2010 12:00PM
Comedians victorious!

Great day today as the comedians vanquished their opponents at Amnesty’s “comedians vs critics football match” today at Edinburgh’s Meadowbank stadium. What’s more it was SUNNY in SCOTLAND, a rare occurrence. I am even sunburned! The...

Aug 9 2010 12:00PM
Edinburgh Fringe still has a heart

I’ve been here at the Edinburgh Festival for three days so far and it’s fantastic. It’s been sunny for starters, something of a first for me here. There’s a wider array of ‘amnesty stuff’ going on than ever before, so It’s already...

Aug 4 2010 12:00PM
New comedy podcast

Update 9/8: Our comedy podcast’s now on iTunes , so it’s super-easy to subscribe. What are you waiting for? So, you’ve heard about our hilarious new comedy podcast we’re producing for the Edinburgh Festival with The Guardian . But you...