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November 2008 (3)
Nov 28 2008 1:29PM
Aw human sowels is born free and equal in dignity and richts

Anniversaries. You know for ages that they’re coming up and then suddenly you’re dashing around at the last minute looking for a suitable demonstration of your affections. Apparently the 60th anniversary is the diamond one but while...

Nov 21 2008 12:34PM
Another brick in the wall

In last week’s blog I told how myself and Bernard O’Hear (Amnesty’s Country Co-ordinator for China) weren’t allowed to present the Chinese Consulate with 2,500 campaign postcards collected in support of Hu Jia during the Edinburgh...

Nov 14 2008 1:11PM
Banging my head against the brick wall of China

We’ve been waiting for ages for the Chinese Consulate to respond to our invitation to discuss our Edinburgh Festival campaign for imprisoned human rights campaign Hu Jia. During this year’s Festival 2,500 people filled in action cards...