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October 2008 (5)
Oct 31 2008 12:47PM
Hate and Pride

My in-laws are Polish. They live, perhaps not surprisingly, in Poland. I remember visiting a couple of years back and being in the company of some friends/acquaintances (can’t quite remember) who had a small child. My own little girl...

Oct 24 2008 12:56PM
Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Latin. I could never be doing with it. Granted it was never seen as a core subject at my comprehensive school in Glasgow and somehow I managed to miss a lot of the token Tuesday afternoon classes – for which you would probably get an...

Oct 17 2008 12:13PM
Extraordinary rendition case found in Scotland

Amnesty's Scottish office has uncovered evidence of a case of extraordinary rendition in Scotland. Admittedly the extra-judicial transfer for the purposes of torture took place in 1684. And the barbaric state willing to sanction the...

Oct 10 2008 4:54PM
Meet the teacher...

Educating our kids – it’s a big business, but its so much more than that. And so it was that the intrepid Amnesty team found themselves at the Scottish Learning Festival – an annual conference to enhance the learning and teaching...

Oct 3 2008 11:04AM
And about time too

So U Win Tin is finally free. The 78-year old, Burmas longest serving political prisoner, had experienced harsh prison conditions for 19 years for calling for political change, but refused to accept an amnesty from the Government as to...