January 2008 (3)
Jan 29 2008 12:21PM
Wha's like us?
To read the papers, or listen to many of our other decision-makers or opinion formers, you would be forgiven for thinking that human rights relate to other people’s problems, generally in a far off place. So here in Scotland, a country...
Jan 16 2008 4:26PM
Orange Friday Protest
Friday 11th January 2008 marked the 6th anniversary of the first war on terror detainees being transported to the illegal detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. We commemorated that day with a demonstration outside the US Consulate in...
Jan 8 2008 4:17PM
A really special homecoming
Its been a long time coming. This morning every Scottish newspaper emblazoned its front page with the message Kenny Richey is Coming Home . Its an extraordinary triumph over adversity, but what goes through the mind of a man who has sp...