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February 2010 (8)
Feb 27 2010 10:44AM
Forget Us Not, Bridge Walk on International Women's Day

Forget Us Not Iranian women have lived under the shadow of discrimination,humiliation and suppression for the past thirty one years. With the worsening political atmosphere after the June presidential elections Iranian women and their...

Feb 23 2010 10:37AM
BBC Persian has received a new film on the attack at the university dormitory on June 14, 2009 Iran

فیلم منتشر نشده ای از حمله به کوی دانشگاه… The film is sel-explanatory. Needless to say that according to reports 5 students were killed and more...

Feb 20 2010 9:26PM
Forget me not but how many?

These days our email group which consisted of human rights and women's rights activists has decreased in number. Those who we befriended from inside the country after the June elections and a mutual commitment and belief tied us...

Feb 19 2010 10:17AM
Families of the 1980s massacres are at risk

In the 1980s and in the muddle of Iran-Iraq war Ayatollah Knomeini ordered the total wipe out of political prisoners. As a result and in a matter of few months thousands of prisoners were tried in a few minutes court appearances inside...

Feb 18 2010 10:04AM
Channel 4 interview with a Basiji Militia

The Iranian delegation at the United Nations Comission for Human Rights declared last week, that Iran is a free country and the only democracy in the region. Mr Larijani said that no one has been tortured and assualted in the Iranian...

Feb 14 2010 10:39PM
Mothers of a number of political prisoners write an open letter

Recently mothers of 18 political ptisoners who have been detained after the presidential elections and are kept without charge or access to lawyers have written an open letter, indicating the pain and suffering of a mother when her...

Feb 9 2010 10:21PM
Iranian revolution 31 years on

On February 1979, Iran's political system of governance changed hands. The long-standing 2,500 years monarchy was overthrown by the people and replaced by a republic which dominated by religous sentiments and a religous leader who...

Feb 3 2010 9:34AM
The Islamic Republic has gone on a killing spree. Help us to stop their deadly machine.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, unable to stop the wave of unrest and dissatisfaction in Iran has gone on killing spree. Last week two young men were murdered for crimes they had not committed. They were in detention two months before...