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Forget Us Not, Bridge Walk on International Women's Day

Forget Us Not

 Iranian women have lived under the shadow of discrimination,humiliation and suppression for the past thirty one years. With the worsening political atmosphere after the June presidential elections Iranian women and their men supporters are under tremendous pressure, in an orchestrated effort to be silent. Nevertheless, women of Iran have shown their courage to be on the streets shoulder to shoulder with men to demonstrate their objection to the military style establishment of the Iranian regime. Their voice has echoed in at nights over the rooftops to denounce dictators and dictatorship. Their presence in front of the army of thugs and militia men has been registered in unforgettable photographs. Their daughter, Neda was murdered in front of the world cameras. Their son, Sohrab was murdered in daylight and hidden from her bereaved mother. Group of Mourning Mothers who assemble in parks routinely to seek justice for their murdered children are often attacked and detained. A number of the group  ‘Women for Peace’ are in detention. A large number of women journalists are in prison. Shiva Naza-Ahari is kept in a cage for supporting human rights and reporting. Sab Asefi, a university lecturer, is a refugee in her own country after being dismissed from work and under persecution for criticising historical texts on human rights. Women writers, lawyers, journalists activists are all under surveillance at home, at work and on the street. Their phones and emails are monitored and their movement severely restricted. Let us remember women of Iran. Let us echo their voices through our voices.

Let us “Forget Them Not”.

 We, a group of Iranian women from all walks of life who live in the UK are joining the Bridge Walk to echo the Now silent voices of the Iranian women. Join us and support us.

 International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

UK Supporters of Mourning Mothers

Group of Iranian Women in UK

 Women for WomenThe Bridge WalkWalk for PeaceEmbankment Station March 8th, 10amBring white banners and wear something white. Write your slogans on the banner and walk to the Bridge. We have a stall on the bridge. So, bring your leaflets, posters and photos. Let the media know about us.For further information go

www.women for   

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