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Channel 4 interview with a Basiji Militia

The Iranian delegation at the United Nations Comission for Human Rights declared last week, that Iran is a free country and the only democracy in the region.  Mr Larijani said that no one has been tortured and assualted in the Iranian prisons. He also said those in prisons are sabateurs and criminals not members of the opposition and protestors. The head of the delegation shamelessly looked in the eyes of the world, smirked and said that Iran is the only demoncracy in the region; that there are no political prisoners in Iran and no journalist and human rights activist is kept in prison and no jouvenille offender has been executed; that Iran does not score the top of those countries with the highest number of executions last year; that Iran is actually aparadise to be sought. One wonders why so many mothers call themselves "Mourning Mothers" and gather in parks evey week to console eachother and are repeatedly beaten up and taken to prison for just sitting on a bench in a park in silence just to remember their children. Can Mr Larijani prove that these women's children were all criminals? Was Neda a criminal? Or Sohrab? Or Mohsen?

Watch the vedio below and judge. This video is an interview with a Basiji militia who was detained for refusing to assault prisoners and who after signing a confession was released and later fled Iran.

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