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The Islamic Republic has gone on a killing spree. Help us to stop their deadly machine.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, unable to stop the wave of unrest and dissatisfaction in Iran has gone on killing spree. Last week two young men were murdered for crimes they had not committed. They were in detention two months before June elections and all during the past 7 months of unrests. Still, they were accused of attending demonstrations a month before they were hanged.

Now, the regime which is unable to meet the demands of the people, unable to stop corruption, lies and deceit of its top authorities, unable to face the truth and unwilling to step aside and let the people choose their leaders and rulers is issuing death sentences to 9 more human rights activists whose only crime is speaking the truth.

We urge the peace loving people of the world, the international community of human rights defenders, lawyers, civil rights campaigners and politicians to step in and demand an end to the killings spree. Tomorrow is too late. Today is the time to help the Iranian people to save their best children from being murdered by gangs of mafia and criminals who are ruling Iran. Nothing can replace a life taken away for crimes that had not been committed. We, the Iranian human rights defenders and civil society activists urge the United Nationas community of nations to step in and stop the Islamic regime get away with crimes it has committed in the past and  is committing at present.

Togehter, we can make a difference and save lives. Tomorrow is too late we have to act today. Now.  

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