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November 2010 (11)
Nov 25 2010 6:56AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  November 16-23, 2010

Highlights Little-Known Wuhan Activist Charged with “Subversion of State Power:” CHRD learned this week that Li Tie (李铁), a Wuhan City, Hubei Province-based democracy activist and online freelance writer, has been arrested on charges...

Nov 23 2010 4:48PM

TheChinese Constitution and particularly the Regional National Autonomy Law of 1984 (RNAL) is purported to guarantee autonomy for minorities. However, the law is challenged in its interpretation and implementation primarily due to the...

Nov 22 2010 11:51PM
Subversion Charge against Little-Known Activist Indicates Heightened Crackdown on Dissent in China

(Chinese Human RightsDefenders, November 22, 2010) CHRD learned last weekthat Li Tie (李铁), a Wuhan City, HubeiProvince-based democracyactivist and online freelance writer, has beenarrested on charges of“subversion of state power.” The...

Nov 21 2010 4:07PM
Incomplete mailing list of Tiananmen Prisoners

It has been 21 years since Beijing Massacre 1989, but thereare at least five Tiananmen prisoners who are still suffering and forced toengage in hard labor day and night today. For every entry of the list: first line is the name...

Nov 19 2010 5:12PM
Incomplete Mailing List of Uighur Prisoners of Conscience

For every entry of the list: first line is the name, Secondline is the address. 1. Nurmuhemmet Yasin (努尔莫哈提杨·亚辛) 新疆维吾尔自治区第一监狱,乌鲁木齐喀什东路58号,邮编:830000 2. Hairat Niyaz (海来特·尼亚孜) 最高人民法院北京市东城区东交民巷27号, 邮编:100745 电话 (tel):010-67550114 Note...

Nov 17 2010 6:07AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  November 10-15, 2010

Highlights Children’s Rights Advocate Zhao Lianhai Sentenced to Two and a Half Years in Prison : Zhao Lianhai (赵连海), founder of the website Kidney Stone Babies and a leading figure among parents seeking justice after their children...

Nov 11 2010 2:30AM
Nobel Laureate Languishes in Prison, Police Harassment of Activists Rages On

One Month afterNobel Announcement, CHRD Urgesthe Chinese Government to Release Liu Xiaobo (Chinese Human RightsDefenders- November 8, 2010) One month after theNorwegian Nobel Committeeannounced its decision to award the 2010 Nobel...

Nov 11 2010 2:26AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  November 3-9, 2010

Highlights One Month after Nobel Prize Announcement, Pressure on Activists Continues: The nationwide police mobilization which began on October 8 showed no sign of slowing as CHRD continued to receive reports this week of civil society...

Nov 7 2010 9:18AM
Open Letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

To: Rt Hon David Cameron MP To: Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg MP CC: Members of Parliament and Citizens in the world 06 November 2010 Dear Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minster, I am a former political prisoner from China living in exilein...

Nov 4 2010 7:19AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  October 26-November 2, 2010

Highlights Elected Fujian Village Director Sentenced to 11 Years for Leading Fight Against Land Grabs: This week, the Jinjiang City Intermediate People’s Court in Fujian Province sentenced successful businessman-turned-village director...

Nov 2 2010 6:52AM
Heavy Sentence for Elected Fujian Village Director, Leader in Fight against Illegal Land Expropriation

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders,November 2, 2010) – OnOctober 28, Jinjiang City Intermediate People’s Court in FujianProvincesentenced successful businessman-turned-village director Lü Jiangbo (吕江波) to 11 years in prison.Originally...