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Incomplete mailing list of Tiananmen Prisoners

It has been 21 years since Beijing Massacre 1989, but thereare at least five Tiananmen prisoners who are still suffering and forced toengage in hard labor day and night today.

For every entry of the list: first line is the name, Secondline is the address.

1. Zhu Gengsheng (朱更生)

北京市第二监狱 朝阳区南豆各庄乡, 北京市2357信箱 邮政编码:100023

电话 (tel):010-673835532429

2. Li Yujun (李玉君)

北京市第二监狱 朝阳区南豆各庄乡, 北京市2357信箱 邮政编码:100023

电话 (tel):010-673835532429

3. Jiang Yaqun (姜亚群)

北京市第二监狱 朝阳区南豆各庄乡, 北京市2357信箱 邮政编码:100023

电话 (tel):010-673835532429

4. Yang Pu (杨璞)

北京市延庆县延庆镇广积屯 邮编:102100

电话 (tel): 010-69141331

5. Miao Deshun (苗德顺)

北京市延庆县延庆镇广积屯 邮编:102100

电话(tel): 010-69141331



Sun Liyong, ‘Listof “June Fourth Tiananmen Prisoners” still held in custody and theirbackgrounds’


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