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Open Letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

To: Rt Hon David Cameron MP

To: Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg MP

CC: Members of Parliament and Citizens in the world

06 November 2010


Dear Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minster,


I am a former political prisoner from China living in exilein London. Learning that Prime Minister  is visiting Beijing in the near future, I ask youto take concrete actions and speak up against the deteriorating human rightsrecord of the Chinese regime.


I urge you to stand by your obligation to press the ChineseCommunist regime to abide by its own promises regarding international humanrights standards. China is not just a global market; it is also, and moreimportantly, a country with citizens yearning for freedom, civil rights andhuman dignity. The importance of China on the global stage is growing every daybut with that seems to be reluctance from World leaders to clearly speak up forthe many millions of people who live without their freedom, rights or dignity.


I appeal to you to not turn a blind eye to the many abusescommitted by the Chinese regime when you visit Beijing. In particular I urgeyou to:


1.    Call for the Chinese regime’s unlimited moratorium onexecutions, especially because there is neither an independent court nor fairtrials in China, in accordance with international law and Human Rights law.During your election campaign this year, you promised major changes in humanrights.   It is time now totake bold and concrete actions.

2.    Press the Chinese regime to release all political prisonersincluding Liu Xiaobo, Qin Yongmin, Yang Tianshui, Wang Bingzhang, Guo Feixiong,Gao Zhisheng, Sun Xiaodi, Tan Zuoren, Hu Jia, He Depu, Guo Quan, Xie Changfa, Chen Guangcheng, Jin Haike, XuWei, Lu Gengsong, Wu Yilong, She Wanbao, Hu Mingjun, Wang Sen, Li Dawei, KongYouping, Ning Xian-Hua, Li Zhi, Xu WanPing, Chen Shuqing, Wang Rongqing, HuangQi, Lü Jiangbo, Dhondup Wangchen, Hairat Niyaz and Hada, some of whose lifehave been endangered.

3.    Stop any political persecution and repression includingbeating petitioners, detaining human rights defenders and dissidents includingQi Zhiyong, Li Hai, Jiang Qisheng, Zhou Duo, Liu Suli, Zhang Zuhua, WangLihong  and Feng Zhenghu, andenforcing martial law during your visit. Please immediately press the Chineseregime to stop such repression.

4.    Push the Chinese regime to ratify the UN Covenant on Civil andPolitical Rights and conform domestic law to the minimum human rights standardsas established in the Covenant.



5.    Below are several human rights defenders whose lives have beenendangered during your visit. Please visit them or their families members(their home addresses are given below).



* Gao Zhisheng is a human rights lawyer arrested since 2006for his involvement in defending religion practitioners. He had been jailed ortortured since 2006. Now he is missing. His home address: No 202, Unit 7, Building No 11, Xiaoguan Beili,Beijing (北京市 小关北里11号楼7单元202号).


* Liu Xia is Liu Xiaobo’s wife. She is under house arrestafter the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. Her address: 北京市玉渊潭南路9号


* Hu Jia & Zeng Jinyan: both human rights activists. HuJia has recently been arrested on charge of 'inciting to subversion of state'.His wife Zeng Jinyan and their nine-month old baby daughter are under housearrested. Their address: No 5, Building No 76, BOBO Free City, Dongguoyuan,Tongzhou District, Beijing (北京市通州区东果园BOBO自由城76号楼5单元).


* He Depu & Jia Jianying: He received an eight-yearsentence for organizing China Democracy Party. Their address: No 9-1-5,Chaoyanan, Xicheng District, Beijing (北京市西城区朝阳庵9-1-5号).


* Ding Zilin, Zhang Xianling and other Tiananmen Mothers:they have been committing themselves collecting names of victims in the 1989massacre after losing their sons in the massacre. They have built the networkTiananmen Mothers.



The Chinese Communist Party relies on violence and terror togain and maintain power. It has no electoral mandate thereby it has noauthority or credibility to represent people under its rule. Please notice thatignoring the suffering of so many people in China and sacrificing human rightsfor the expense of short term financial gains leads to further humanitarian andhuman rights suffering around the world.


Thank you


Yours sincerely,


Shao Jiang

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