July 2009 (4)
Jul 30 2009 5:54PM
Police Take Away Xu Zhiyong, Leader of Barred NGO

From: ChineseHuman Rights Defenders(CHRD) (Chinese Human Rights Defenders- July 30, 2009) – CHRDlearned today that Xu Zhiyong (许志永),director of the recently-banned legal aid center Open ConstitutionInitiative (alsoknown as Gongmeng [公盟...

Jul 17 2009 1:11PM
Uyghur Protest in London

Uyghurs and supporters protested outside Chinese Embassy in London on 15 July 2009The other video Protest images RFA in Chinese

Jul 15 2009 2:47PM
A Uighur-Han Dialogue

Host:Chinese SalonType:Meetings – Club/Group MeetingNetwork:GlobalDate:Thursday, July 16, 2009Time:7:00pm – 8:00pmLocation:Graduate Union, Mill LaneCity/Town:Cambridge, United Kingdom The recent events in Xinjiang has shocked and...

Jul 7 2009 5:07AM
Urumqi Massacre & Genocide

The CCP distracted people’s anger under its tyrannical rule by provoking racial hatred between Han Chinese and Uighur. The CCP produced another Massacre in Urumqi immediately after it incited bloody incident against Uighur in Guangdong...