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Urumqi Massacre & Genocide

The CCP distracted people’s anger under its tyrannical rule by provoking racial hatred between Han Chinese and Uighur. The CCP produced another Massacre in Urumqi immediately after it incited bloody incident against Uighur in Guangdong. Meanwhile the Communist regime via official propaganda CCTV claimed that Rebiya Kadeer, exiled Uighur in the US, head of the World Uighur Congress, orchestrated the riots. It is clear that the CCP tyrannical rule weave lies to cover its current atrocities and further creates more atrocities.Please refer to Angry Uighurs defy Chinese police

Update news

Woman's lone protest calms tempers as Uighurs confront Chinese police

We need immediately to co-ordinate and cooperate with network actions at least in the following aspects to avoid more  death in the Massacre or genocide:Call on the CCP regime to stop killing and arresting peaceful protesters and petitioners and monitor and be on the alert for China’s regime’s lies and its methods to separate international collective pressures from international democratic communities.Members of NGOs, journalists, doctors and citizens in the world should be encourage to enter East Turkestan [Xinjiang]  or any sensitive areas to document the killings, arrests and ill treatments, to make sure those crimes are investigated properly, and to provide essential support and humanity aids for the victims and their families.Monitor the way protesters and prisoners of conscience are treated by authorities. Put pressure to avoid any brutal repression, in case the CCP authorities change repression methods, from public murder to secret killing or ill treatmentsFreeze bank accounts of the CCP high officials who involve into genocide

Build up international  mediation mechanism against  provoking racial hatred by the CCP


 Citizens around the world should monitor and stop their countries’ government and business companies to help the CCP repression. Please document the organizations and assist Uighur citizens to sue violators of human rights in international courts and courts in democratic countries.

It is impossible for the CCP government to root out resistance. The illuminated truth and justice and fighting for freedom will stimulate changeable, creative, collective and widespread oppositions in global scene.

It is very important that all the people under the CCP tyrannical rule, stand together in solidarity against the same dictator, to fight for freedom. 

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