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A Uighur-Han Dialogue

Host:Chinese SalonType:MeetingsClub/Group MeetingNetwork:GlobalDate:Thursday, July 16, 2009Time:7:00pm – 8:00pmLocation:Graduate Union, Mill LaneCity/Town:Cambridge, United Kingdom


 The recent events in Xinjiang has shocked and saddened the world.Whilewe are mourning the needless loss of life, we should perhaps alsoreflect on the source of the conflict. Where does all those hatred comefrom? What do the Uighurs really want? Why the opposing mentality ofHans viewing Uighurs as being ungrateful to all those benefits theyhave been receiving, while the Uighurs still feel that they are beingoppressed?Let's sit down and try to understand each other, before resorting to hatred. Uighur guest: Mr. Enver TohtiMr.Enver Tohti was a former cancer surgeon in Urumqi. Despite the highincome and status that came with being a doctor, Enver eventuallydecided to flee Xinjiang, leaving behind his family and young children.As a refugee Enver's life in England has been tough; he is not able towork as a surgeon here and has been barely scrapping a living. Yet hedoes not regret his choice. What motivated him to make such a drasticdecision? What do the Uighurs really want?Free Entry. All Welcome.

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