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April 2009 (12)
Apr 30 2009 11:08PM
Today in History: The class boycott continued on 30 April

Over 30 people from the academia, intelligentsia and media hold apublic forum on the movement, noting that the 4.27 march marked thebankruptcy of the Party's authoritarian rule. The class boycott continued, with about 90,000 students...

Apr 30 2009 11:03PM
Today in History: a dialogue on 29 April ?

Government representatives, led by Yuan Mu, spokesman for the StateCouncil, sat down to a three-hour dialogue it had asked the officialNational Students' Union and Beijing Students' Union to sponsor. With afew exceptions, the student...

Apr 27 2009 10:56AM
Today in History: Over 700,000 students and supporters assemble on the streets of Beijing on 27 April

Theofficial newspaper ( People's Daily ) statement enraged the students. Over 100,000 studentsassemble on the streets of Beijing, and disregarding the warning of acrackdown made by authorities, demanded that the government revoke...

Apr 26 2009 2:38PM
Today in History: the CCP's Official Newspaper Peoples Daily Editorial on 26 April

Following an internal speech made by Deng Xiaoping, the CCP's official newspaper Peoples Daily issues a front-page editorial entitled "We must take a firm stand against turmoil", attempting to rally the public behind the government...

Apr 26 2009 2:22PM
Today in History: Independent Student Unions Were Founded

Between 19 and 24 April, independent student unions were founded. On 19 April, the Beijing University Students' Preparatory Committee (BUSPC), was established. Student pro-democracy activism continued to gain momentum in the week. As...

Apr 22 2009 7:34PM
Today in History: over 200,000 students and Beijing residents had gathered in Tiananmen

April 22nd was the day of the state memorial service for Hu Yaobang. In preparation for the service, authorities had declared that the Square would be sealed off by early morning. However, over two hundred thousands students and...

Apr 20 2009 10:52AM
Today in History: protesters gathered at Xinhuamen

In the late evening on 18 and 19 April , student demonstrators, their number swelled by onlookers, gathered at Xinhuamen, the ceremonial main entrance to Zhongnanhai, calling for democracy, freedom and dialogue with the leaders. In the...

Apr 17 2009 10:35PM
Today in History: Seven Demands

Hu Yaobang’s death on 15 April triggered student protests in Beijing in 1989. Many wall posters appeared in universities campuses, to mourn Hu Yaobang’s death and promote democracy. In the afternoon on 17 April, hundreds of teachers...

Apr 10 2009 4:52PM
URGENT ACTION: Five Tibetans sentenced for taking part in protests in March 2008

URGENT ACTION: Five Tibetans sentenced for taking part in protests in March 2008 Amnesty International Recommended Action Chinese human rights defender commented on the sentence in Chinese.

Apr 6 2009 11:15AM
G20 Hunger Strike in London by Tibetans and Chinese outside Hu Jintao's Hotel

Six Tibetans and four Chinese staged a 24-hour hunger strike outside Hu Jintao's Hotel during London's G20 Summit from 1 to 2 April 2009, to protest against China's human rights violations and its repressive policies in Tibet. G20...

Apr 3 2009 1:11PM
Tibetans, Burmese and Chinese protest Hu Jintao in London

London, April 3 – Tibetans, Chinese Human Rights Activists, Burmese Human Rights Activis and supporters here carried out a series of protest against Chinese Dictator President Hu Jintao for the G20 Summit in London. 6Tibetans and 4...

Apr 1 2009 8:27AM

London 31 March 2009 2009 marks a series of important anniversaries. It is 50 years since the Tibetan Uprising, 20 years since the Tiananmen Massacre, 10 years since crackdown on Falun Gong and the Chinese Communist Party will have...